Collaboration & Content (WEB Portals)
Collaboration & Content (WEB Portals)

With our business solutions, employees will be able to find information, discover new ways to work with colleagues and access corporate business systems. By allowing easier information retrieval, our portals will simplify business transactions: from managing financial and human resources to improving marketing and sales. This will allow your organization to benefit from a high level of compliance and increased productivity from effective content management solutions. Our team of professionals will work with you to understand how best to manage your information in order to reduce costs, increase collaboration and improve customer service, while maintaining statutory and regulatory requirements.

Web Content Management
We will develop your corporate/brand website utilizing a simple, yet highly secure, content management system, that can be tailored to attract new clients, secure orders and achieve sales goals, as well as follow their growing needs.

Record Management
As records management has become mandatory for all organizations, and litigation more common, it is important that organizations be prepared with simplified solutions to handle data. Cybermap can create a SharePoint platform that can manage records for all your assets.

Processes and workflows
We can help organizations to streamline and improve business processes, which allows your workforce to concentrate on their tasks, by focusing on high-value items and managing exceptions in a more structured way.

Electronic forms
The implementation of electronic forms is one of the quickest ways to improve your technology Return On Investment (ROI); with electronic forms created in SharePoint, your organization will save time since each form need only to be completed once.

Document Management
We provide advanced system management documents that rival other competitors, but at a fraction of the cost. This system will enable your employees to create, reuse and manage your documents more intelligently and effectively.