Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

Cybermap Competency – Mobile Apps

With the technology’s prominent role in our lives, mobile applications have become important tools in increasing productivity and maintaining competitivity. With the improved processing power of current smart-devices and portable equipment, mobile apps have become a great utility. There are millions of apps that currently perform a huge range of tasks: these apps tend to be small (in size), relatively autonomous and focused on solving a single task.


  • Competitive differentiation;
  • Increased visibility of the company or brand;
  • Increased accessibility;
  • Greater commitment to customers;
  • Place your brand on the devices of their customers;
  • Provides direct corporate feedback;
  • Creates increased revenue and profits;
  • Allows easy sharing of content among clients;
  • Reduces costs in your business through automated processes;
  • Improved Customer Service;

Advantages of apps compared to traditional websites or software

  • Apps are built specifically for mobile devices: they are small, downloadable quickly and updated regularly;
  • Apps are device dependent (smartphone or tablet), limiting the reliance on an Internet connection (for the most part);
  • Apps are “Push”-enabled for direct contact with clients;
  • Apps are brand-oriented and are always present with their clients;

What makes a good app?

Good apps:

  • Add value to the brand or company;
  • Are "addictive": they become vital/necessary tools;
  • Are convenient and easy to use;
  • Can be multi-platform (iOS, Android and Windows Phone);


Currently the apps are the cheapest and most effective way for companies to reach their customers/target audience.