Quality Policy

We are committed to a policy of Continuous Improvement, which encompasses an effective Integrated Management System that promotes Quality, Safety and Innovation, and undertake the following objectives:

  • To satisfy and retain our customers by developing innovative solutions focused on their needs;
  • To encourage creativity and innovation at the individual and organizational levels, that ensures a commitment and compliance with the requirements of NP 4457;
  • To monitor innovation, endorse technological cooperation, develop processes to prospect and analyze market shifts, in order to position the Organization at the front of new paradigms;
  • To promote continuous training that fosters the personal and professional development of our employees, with the aim of improving skills and knowledge management, and accordingly, the quality of services and products offered by the Organization;
  • To ensure the welfare of our employees, thereby contributing to the prevention of occupational incidents and disease;
  • To promote environmentally-sound practices and social responsibility;
  • To ensure management relations is based on a code of business ethics that honours all commitments, deadlines and agreements with our clients, suppliers, employees and partners.